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I'm surprised I've never passed out or had the other consequences.

I've been in the ER many times for my blood sugar but have stopped asking for help because they just give me juice and never act concerned.

“The end result of this approach is to cause iatrogenic diabetes, necessitating lifelong treatment with insulin” Hypoglycemia after eating a meal is being increasingly recognized in post-gastric bypass patients.

While the etiology of this condition is not entirely understood, ongoing research suggests that approaches to treatment should involve a low-carbohydrate diet rather than pancreatectomy.

In such , some patients benefited from partial pancreatectomy while others experienced recurrent hypoglycemia that required total removal of their pancreas.

Hyper-insulinemic hypo-glycemia is an important late complication of gastric bypass surgery that is increasingly recognized in patients who have undergone Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.

It is a condition characterized by shortage of glucose in the brain (neuroglycopenia) and abnormal elevated insulin concentrations experienced mainly after eating a meal.

I should be more concerned about the consequences of this surgery but my doctors act like it's no big deal. I've had iron infusions, have to take B12, have low Vit D, extreme blood sugar changes, increased seizures but I do have epilepsy, had a bout of heart failure.

I did get addicted to alcohol and pills after my surgery and went to treatment.

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Interestingly, I only begin to shake and get foggy after I get into the 30's.

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